Thank you for choosing Salesbot!. At salesbot, we are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy.We take utmost care to not store your personal data and inbox data. We only collect your connected email address id, google authentication token, message thread ids (to detect bounces and replies), your name and number provided by you during for your signup. We also store contacts data uploaded by you in your account, you have full access and flexibility to remove or delete this data from our systems at any time. We do not share any data (raw or in aggregate form) with any 3rd parties or anyone outside. Any of your data is not read by any person or human within Salesbot. All testing, troubleshooting or bug fixing happens using our internal test accounts.

This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use and share information about you that we obtain through your use of our website at https://www.salesbot.com (the “Website”) and the products and services we provide through the Website (collectively referred to as the “Services”).

Please read this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of our Website, found at terms-of-use before you use our Website or Services. By using our Website or Services, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this Privacy Policy (including as changed from time to time). If, for any reason, you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please stop using our Website or Services immediately and request deletion of your account from web interface or by emailing at sales@usesalesbot.com.

Please also note that in this Policy the terms “salesbot” and “we”, “us” and “our” refer to salesbot – an Indian business with a business address at 334, Orbit Plaza, Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad, India, and does not refer to any of our affiliates, which include our vendors, contractors, and agents, unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy.

Will this policy ever change?

Salesbot team is continuously working towards making product better and may need to change this policy from time to time. Any change made in policy will be published on this page. We communicate any major changes in policy via emails or showing list of changes during your login of this platform. Your use of services or platform after showing you this notice will mean that you complify and agree with this privacy policy.

What information do we collect?

  • Personal data
    Your full name, email address, phone number, company website - purspose to store this data is to provide you access and use of Salesbot services and inform you for future services, market and sell Salesbot and their group services or products. Keep you updated for latest progress and notify you for any changes.
  • Your Recipient data
    Data you upload about your recipients like their name, email address, title, website, industry information, email content, messages, subject lines, any tags to identify these recipients - Purspose to store this data is to use Salesbot product for your campaigns. You have full rights and access to remove or delete this information anytime using app.usesalesbot.com after your login. All information associated accounts which are de-activated will be deleted within 90 days of deactivation.

    During or after your use of Salesbot, our team may contact or communicate you via emails, phone calls or any means of communication to sell, renew or send promotional offers, notifications or updates about Salesbot or its group product of services. You may however unsubscribe to those communications at anytime using unsubscribe links on your emails or verbally speaking to our executives or updating your preference within Salesbot platform.
  • GSuite mail account access and message data
    We ask you to provide access to following Gmail scopes to allow Salesbot to send emails on your behalf and detect any bounces or replies so that we can show you these stats for your mail merge campaigns. We store message thread ids, access tokens for authentication, (0 or 1) for any bounces or replies Salesbot detect while reading your inbox using message thread ids. We do not store any reply message body or any other information into our systems.

    • https://www.googleapis.com/auth/gmail.compose
    • https://www.googleapis.com/auth/gmail.readonly

Revoking permission to your GSuite Gmail account

You can revoke GSuite permisssion from my profile(profile) page. After revoking access, Salesbot will not have any access to your GSuite gmail accounts and cannot send emails or detect emails on your behalf.

When and Where Salesbot collect information?

  • Personal data
    Salesbot collects your personal information during sign-up process and profile page within app.usesalesbot.com. If you want to delete your information from our systems, you may delete your account from app.usesalesbot.com.
  • Your Recipient data
    This data is uploaded by you or added by you during the use of application app.usesalesbot.com. You have 100% access and control to this information, and you can remove, edit, modify or delete this information as and when you want.
  • Message thread ids and access tokens
    This data collected while sending emails via Google mail APIs or Gmail APIs is queried to detect bounce, out of office or replies. You can delete this information after revoking and removing access to Salesbot or requesting deletion of your account. For all inactive accounts, this data would be deleted within 3-6 months time.

Disclosure and protection

We do not store, sell, redistribute or transmit your personal data or recipient data to any 3rd parties or our other clients. This data is used within Salesbot group to improve their services for you in accordance to this policy.

We take utmost care to securely store your personal data and recipient data into our Digital Ocean servers which may include your Google O-Auth data and transmit this data securely to our servers for processing. We use process your data securely using enrypted data transmission practices between us and 3rd parties (as desired or requested by them). We do not guranntee (under no circumtances) any breach or compromise security of this information. However, we will work together to make sure your data is protected by using security best practices.

How long you store this data?

We store your personal and recipient data as long as you use our services and if not using our services, we store it for 90 days to 1 year depending on our communication with you. However, in some scenarios, we may store this information for a longer duration to collect fees, any disputes or legal obligation or else informed or requested by legal and regulatory compliance needs of applicable laws.

Termination of Servcies

In the event of termination or cancellation of your services, you need to delete all your account information or uploaded data from app.usesalesbot.com and provide a written email to delete all your information from our system. Based on your account status, past dues and legal requirements, our team will facilitate in removing all information as deemed fit.

Salesbot team, in its sole discretion has 100% rights to suspend, revoke or delete your account with or without any notice for any breach of terms of use, privacy policy or running out of business or any legal requirements or complaints we recieved for use of our services. Salesbot will not be responsible for any liability to you or any 3rd party for your use of Salesbot platform.

Use of application

Our privacy policy only applies to services of Salesbot and does not covers services of other companies or individuals or any sites which may be linked from our website or any other services.

Salesbot Contact

Zanshinsoft Pvt Ltd.

Address - 334, Orbit plaza, Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad, India 201016

Contact Person - Ambuj Tayal

Email - sales@usesalesbot.com

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